2106 Vermont Ave

Facade Detail 0981
Rooftop Amenity Space
Rear Balconies 1285

2106 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC

The imperative for resilient housing concepts has never been greater. The three challenges of unprecedented urban population growth, drastically increasing climate change impacts and the disturbing sociocultural trends of divisiveness, tribalism and social isolation, are exposing the ineptitude of traditional housing solutions. Coliving, on the other hand, has the potential to make a difference with its inherent sustainability and its self-fulfilling reliance on community in the biggest sense. 2106 Vermont Ave NW is the creation of a design prototype for urban coliving providing 9 residential units, 51 bedrooms, unit and building congregation spaces, and a retail space to link it to the neighborhood.

The main facade engages Vermont Avenue with its massing as well as the implementation of brick detailing paired with wood paneling. The fenestration is strategically placed to optimize daylighting and minimize heat gain, contributing to the energy efficiency of the units.

The project provides opportunities for the blending of indoor and outdoor space both within and beyond the coliving units. The rooftop amenity space promotes and encourages community, while the private bedroom and shared unit balconies allow for a place of solace; each contributing to the mental wellness of the occupants.

The court in the center of the building allows for additional light and air to enter the units and carves out additional space for unit balconies, affording occupants with a more secluded experience removed from the street and alley.


Owner: Outlier

Contractor: Harbor Builders

Photographer: Jessica Marcotte

The Corey

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Exterior (3)
Exterior (4)
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Atlas District, Washington, DC

In 2013, on the border between DC’s Trinidad neighborhood and the H Street NE Atlas District, the small strip of commercial space at the corner of Florida Ave NE and Orren St NE was abandoned and dilapidated. Today, the Corey brings new life to the corner and the neighborhood. The 40,000 SF, five-story mixed-use building contains 49 residential units and one retail space. Taking cues from the historic Atlas Performing Arts Center’s art deco design, the Corey combines historic art deco and modern design in its massing and material selection. The bold curved corner façade is clad with horizontal metal panel. The metal panels along with the sleek, steel canopy result in a streamlined modern finish. The building is divided into two masses which provide transition from the residential scale of the Trinidad neighborhood to the commercial scale of the vibrant and growing Atlas District. The two masses are differentiated by their use of material and separated by an entry court. A 30 foot tall sign further delineates the entry court that stitches together the two building masses and provides light to the building corridors and lobby. It is also the first project to be certified under the District of Columbia’s International Green Construction Code.

Owner: Lock 7 Development

Contractor: Eichberg Construction

Photographers: Studio Trejo (Exteriors) /Jessica Marcotte (Interiors)